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Profit - Care CC -  a specialist company in fields of  tax consultancy, tax planning, internal control systems, accounting systems and structures, compliance procedures etc. Over the past years, the corporation has broadened its client base substantially in the manufacturing, industrial, wholesale,retail, entertainment and services industries. Due to its professional client care services over the years, it has also become known as Prof Care in the Financial industry in South Africa.


The corporation promotes various innovative accounting systems and structures to encourage management and in particular assist the entrepreneur to adopt a pro-active approach in decision making. 


Since it was formed, the corporation has been experiencing a substantial growth rate in the industry.


The corporation has committed itself to an affirmative action program, promoting racial and gender equality.


Our bankers - ABSA Bank, Westgate Branch, Roodepoort - (Reference contact - Mrs. Trudie van der Merwe).


The corporation undertakes regular research visits for clients, reseach the office of the Commissioner for Inland Revenue, and liaises frequently with SAICA, CFA and other relevant bodies to ensure the:
  • Legality and the appropriateness of the advice given
  • Timeous awareness of changes to relevant legislation,
  • Understanding client needs.
  • To stay abreast of current developments.
We liaise with clients on an ongoing basis and encourage feedback and comments relating to our service.


Apart from the normal factors associated with consulting, we have paid particular attention to the following:
  • Effective cost control
  • Pro-active and hands on approach through liaison with all relevant bodies concerned.

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